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We will now be offering be offering special pricing on U.S. paper money, notgeld, world coins and world paper money at various times during the year.  Click here for the special pricing page.

Beringia 2012 2 Dinars dinosaur note

This note features a Spinosaurus dinosaur (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus) which means “spiny lizard”, and it is the largest largest known predatory dinosaur.  Measuring in at about 55 feet, it weighed approximately 12 tons. These dinosaurs were larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex which measured about 42 feet weighed about 6.5 tons and also were larger than the Gigantosaurus, which was about 45 feet long and weighed about 8 tons.   These dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period around 95 million years ago in northern Africa.

Coin Sets of All Nations

We have recently picked up a few Coin Sets of All Nations originally issued by the Franklin Mint.  Each set consists of coins in uncirculated condition from the country of issue.

Each set consists of coins, in uncirculated condition, from the country of issue.   For their protection and ease of viewing, the coins are set into a 8" x 11.5" rigid panel.  Each panel has been stamped and postmarked in the capital city of the issuing country. The reverse includes information on the size, denominations, metallic content and weight of the coins.

2009-T Disney 1 Dollar

We currently have some 2009-T $1 Disney dollars in stock.  For 2009-A $5 Disney dollars go to

ANA Souvenir Cards  

We recently acquired a nice collection of ANA souvenir cards.  These cards are professionally engraved and printed by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing and feature replica notes of some of the most beautiful and valuable banknotes ever issued by the United States of America. We currently have only one each of the souvenir cards shown on our site.

They range in from the 1969 Philadelphia, Pa Souvenir card featuring the American Eagle that appeared on the $10 United States notes of series 1869, 1875, 1878 and 1880, being dubbed as ''Jackass Notes'' to the 1996 Souvenir Card Central States Numismatic Association in Kansas City, MS featuring the obverse of the $1,000 Gold Certificate series 1907. 


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