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Below are the Toboggan banknotes currently in stock.

Trinidad & Tobago banknotes
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P-36b Trinidad & Tobago 1985 N.D. One Dollar Unc - Signature 5. P-43b Trinidad & Tobago 2002 Ten Dollars Unc - Signature 8. P-44b Trinidad & Tobago 2002 Twenty Dollars Unc - Signature 8. P-48 Trinidad & Tobago 2006 Ten Dollars Unc
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P-49 Trinidad & Tobago 2006 Twenty Dollars AU P-49 Trinidad & Tobago 2006 Twenty Dollars Unc Trinidad & Tobago 2014 Fify Dollars Polymer Unc Trinidad & Tobago 2006 (2014) One Hundred Dollars Unc - with markings for the blind.
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World Paper Money Image Gallery - Toboggan banknotes
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