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Below are the Hong Kong banknotes currently in stock.

Hong Kong banknotes
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P-73b Hong Kong 1975 (1.6.1975) Five Dollars Unc P-208e Hong Kong 2008 (1.1.2008) Fifty Dollars Unc P-212b Hong Kong 2012 (1.1.2012) Twenty Dollars Unc Hong Kong 2013 (1.1.2013) Fifty Dollars Unc
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P-285a Hong Kong 1993 (1.1.1993) Twenty Dollars Unc P-292 Hong Kong 2003 (1.7.2003) Fifty Dollars Unc P-322 Hong Kong 1945 Five Cents Unc P-326 Hong Kong 1961-65 N.D. Five Cents Unc
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P-329a Hong Kong 1994 (1.5.1994) Twenty Dollars Unc P-401b Hong Kong 2007 (1.10.2007) Ten Dollars - Polymer - Unc P-401c Hong Kong 2012 (1.1.2012) Ten Dollars - Polymer - Unc 
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