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This site was designed to for those interested in world paper money ( foreign currency ).  This site contains many unique banknotes from over 200 countries throughout the world ( no U.S. paper money images, except for some military payment certificates ).   As time goes on, we will continue to add more pictures and countries, so be sure to check back often.  For those of you who collect world paper money, there is a link on each country's page that will let you know what currency we currently have for sale.  

We hope this image gallery provides you with the 'pics' that you are looking for.  Some of the image sizes may be a little larger than others, so be patient while the pictures load.  

We recently started a world coins image gallery, there are not a lot of coins there yet, only around 1500, but we will be adding more coins as we get them in.  

Here is a link if you would rather go directly to the part of the site the has world paper money for sale.  

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