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Coin collecting has been enjoyed by many for a long time, and we hope the information presented here will add aid you in your coin collecting endeavors.

The Roosevelt dime was minted from 1946 through the present time.  The early dimes 1946 through 1964 were 90% pure silver (0.07234 oz.), and the dimes from 1965 through the present time contain no silver.

On the early dimes, (1946 - 1964), the mint mark was located on the reverse side of the dime slightly to the left of the torch.  Starting in 1968, the mint mark was moved to the obverse side and is above the date. From 1980 to date, the P mint mark was added, and in 1982, the some of the dies were polished, removing the mint mark.  This resulted in a 1982 P and 1982 P no mint mark coins.

Both the obverse and reverse were designed by John R. Sinnock.  coin collecting pictures - proof Roosevelt dime reverse.His initials JS are at the base of the neck to the left of the date.  As with other coins, there also some errors on the Roosevelt dimes.  In 1968, 1970, 1975 and 1983 some of the proof dimes were minted without the S mint mark.  

The Roosevelt dime was minted at each of the four mints, Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point.  Only the 1996 dime was minted at the West Point mint, and was only issued in the mint set.  The key dates for Roosevelt dimes are, 1949, 1949 S, 1950 S, and the 1951 S.

1946 - 1964   Silver Coinage
Composition:  90% silver, 10% copper 
Weight:   2.5g
Diameter:  17.9mm    
Edge:  Reeded

1965 to date   Clad Coinage
Composition:  75% copper, 25% nickel 
Weight:  2.27g 
Diameter:  17.9mm    
Edge:  Reeded



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