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Lincoln cents were minted from 1909 through the present time, and it was the first cent to have the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST".   The Lincoln cent was introduced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday, and the early pennies 1909 through 1958 were referred to a wheat pennies.  

During the war, there was a shortage of copper, so in 1943, the steel penny was made.  There are a few 1943 copper pennies known to exist, but some were counterfeited by copper-plating them.  In 1944, there were also a few pennies struck using the steel planchets left over from 1943.

Both the obverse and reverse were designed by Victor D. Brenner.  coin collecting - proof Lincoln penny reverse.His initials V.D.B. were on a limited quantity of the 1909 pennies making the one of the most sought after pennies for collecting.  Frank Gasparro designed the reverse of the pennies minted from 1959 to date, this design is referred to as the "memorial reverse", the new design was in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday. 

The Lincoln cents  were minted at, Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco.  The key dates for Lincoln cents are the 1909 S VDB, 1914 D, 1922, 1944 D over S, 1946 S over D, and the 1955 double die.

1909 - 1942,  1944-1962
Composition:  95% copper, 5% tin & zinc
Weight:   3.11g
Diameter:  19mm    
Edge:  plain

1943 - 1943
Composition:  Steel coated with zinc
Weight:   2.7g

1962 to 1982
Composition:  95% copper, 5% zinc
Weight:   3.11g

1982 to date
Composition:  99.2% zinc, 0.8% copper - coated with a pure copper.
Weight:   2.5g



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Coin Collecting - Information and pictures on collecting Lincoln cents.

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